Vincent d' Indy (1851-1931)

Vincent d’Indy’s writings constitute a corpus as diverse as it is substantial. It is a vital source of knowledge as regards the musician’s life, career and above all else, his ideas. They are also of undeniable historical interest, as their author played a leading role in French musical life during the Third Republic.

The author took an early habit of expressing his feelings and ideas in his writings. Between 1863 and 1869, he wrote about his travelling or holidays experiences in notebooks. From 1869 to 1877, he kept more or less regularly a diary which he entitled Ma Vie, probably unaware that Wagner had given the same title to his own autobiography (Mein Leben, 1870). Under the title Ma Vie, the 2001 publication containing extensive excerpts of his youth’s notebooks as well as a substantial anthology of his correspondence allowed to perceive in a new light this once so controversial and influent musician.  These early writings are indeed full of observations and considerations, often highly developed and related not only to music but also to the plastic arts, literature, religion, politics, etc. They thus shed valuable light on d'Indy's intellectual and aesthetic profile, as well as on the origin of the theories he later developed and taught. Finally, the corpus offers an irreplaceable record of musical life in France at the turn of the Second Empire and the Third Republic, enriched by the account of the musician's first travels in Europe (Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain).

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firstnameVincent d'
birth year1851
death year1931
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