DICTECO - composers' writings dictionnary


DICTECO is a digital application devoted to composers' writings. Its objectives are:

1. To inventory composers' writings.
Dicteco links to BOOKS (volumes published or prepared by composers during their lives, such as treatises, memoirs, essays, collections of music criticsm, etc.), to BOOK CHAPTERS, to ANTHOLOGIES (edited volumes of writings or correspondence collected by third parties), to ARTICLES (published in the press), to MUSICAL PARATEXTS (prefaces, programs, notes, etc.), and to other DOCUMENTS written by composers (reports, conference papers, etc.). Dicteco also inventories the various translations of these types of writings.

2. To identify the existing digital versions of composers' writings
Dicteco makes it easier to read composers' writings in the public domain by creating links to the different digital versions of texts currently available online.

3. To present composers' writings in the form of dictionary entries.
A general presentation will be attached to each composer's name. Each WORK will also be the subject of a specific entry. Dicteco will thereby serve as a guide to composers' writings for students, researchers, musicians, and music-lovers.

4. To publish rare or little-known texts.
Dicteco offers the possibility to present and edit, with the appropriate scientific commentary, collections of unpublished writings.

Dicteco is an application created by Emmanuel Reibel (Université Lyon 2 – Institut universitaire de France - IHRIM) in collaboration with Michel Duchesneau (Faculté de musique de Montréal – OICRM), Valérie Dufour (Université libre de Bruxelles).