The Team

The Scientific Committee

It defines the general policy of Dictéco, recruits experts to write the dictionary, is involved in the proofreading and validation of the dictionary entries.

Its composition is currently as follows:
Matthieu Cailliez – Jean-François Candoni – Nicolas Donin – Michel Duchesneau – Valérie Dufour – Stéphan Etcharry – Laurent Feneyrou – Stefan Keym – Theodora Psychoyou – Emmanuel Reibel


The Monitoring Committee

It has an editorial coordination role, monitors the development of Dictéco, interfaces between comments made by contributors and IT developers, plays a watch role on the digital application.

The current members are:
Cécile Quesney, Université de Lorraine – Fauve Bougard, Université libre de Bruxelles – Emmanuel Reibel, ENS Lyon – Céline Carenco, Université de Lorraine


Dictionary Editors

Dictionary entries are written by scholars in the various fields concerned. The team of editors will be expanded in the coming months. Currently collaborating at Dictéco:

Philppe Albèra – Cécile Auzolle – Yves Balmer – Jean-Michel Bardez – Anne-Sylvie Barthel-Calvet – Philippe Blay – Alain Bonardi – Jean-Yves Bosseur – Bruno Bossis – Liouba Bouscant – Jean-Christophe Branger – Isabelle Bretaudeau – Esteban Buch – Matthieu Cailliez – Céline Carenco – Olivier Class – Gérard Condé – Christophe Corbier – Manuel Cornejo – Claude Dauphin – Anne De Fornel – Nicolas Dufetel – Valérie Dufour – Stéphan Etcharry – Laurent Feneyrou – François-Xavier Féron – Séverine Féron – Giordano Ferrari – Aurore Flamion – Vincent Giroud – Giacco Grazia – Martin Guerpin – Denis Herlin – Martin Kaltenecker – Sharon Kanach – Barbara Kelly – Cécile Kubik – Philippe Lalitte – Federico Lazzaro – Karine Le Bail – Raphaëlle Legrand – François Luguenot – Nicolas Marty – Pierre Michel – Pietro Milli – Imke Misch – Wataru Miyakawa – Sonia Moreda – Chris Murray – Michela Niccolai – Max Noubel – Michael O'Dea – Julie Oustinoff – Alain Poirier – Theodora Psychoyou – Cécile Quesney – Alban Ramaut – Emmanuel Reibel – Cécile Reynaud – Pauline Ritaine – Alexandre Robert – Jeanne Roudet – Colin Roust – Pierre Saby – Gilles Saint-Arroman – Laure Schnapper – Marie-Gabrielle Soret – Hadrien Spinette – Nicolas Southon – Sabine Teulon-Lardic – Vincent Tiffon – Jean-François Trubert


The Contributors

The database is compiled by the editors and by students in the framework of educational projects or training periods :
-Students of the Free University of Brussels, under the direction of  Valérie Dufour (around the writings of 20th century Belgian composers)
-Students of the University of Lyon, under the direction of Emmanuel Reibel (Hector Berlioz, Camille Saint-Saëns).
-Students of the University of Lorraine, under the direction of Jean-Christophe Branger (Alfred Bruneau), Céline Carenco (Franz Liszt), Philippe Malhaire (Alfred Bruneau).