Adolphe Adam (1803-1856)

A prolific composer and undisputed representative of French comic opera, Adolphe-Charles Adam (1803–1856) was the author of a substantial number of articles which are a precious trace of musical life during a time when specialist publications in Europe were beginning to blossom. Selected articles were compiled and published posthumously by Adam’s widow (Chérie Couraud) in Souvenirs d'un musicien (1857) and Derniers souvenirs d'un musicien (1859). Their numerous reprints (up to 1884) testify to their continuing interest. Other non-public writings are still indirectly linked to the press, such as the letters by Adam, also published posthumously in La Revue de Paris (August-October 1903) and republished by J.-M. Fauquet (Lettres sur la musique française) in 1996. These were addressed to Adam’s friend in Berlin, S. H. Spiker, editor of the Spernersche Zeitung, and contributed to France’s cultural influence and popularity in Germany.

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birth year1803
death year1856
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