Souvenirs d'un musicien, précédés de notes biographiques écrites par lui-même

This posthumous publication is a compendium of twelve articles by the composer Adolphe Adam, collected after his death in 1856 by his widow Chérie Couraud. The anthology presents a modest selection, in light of the some 380 articles that Adam wrote for L’Impartial, the Revue et Gazette musicale de Paris, Le Monde dramatique, Le Constitutionnel, and L’Assemblée Nationale. This edition from 1857, lacking a critical apparatus, specifies neither the origin nor the date of the feuilletons. The Derniers souvenirs d’un musicien would be published ten years later in the same condition.

The chosen articles are mainly biographical, in the romanticised mode of the monographs published in the Revue et Gazette musicale from 1835. The “Notes biographiques” opening the volume (vii–liv) correspond almost exactly to the autograph manuscript conserved at the Bibliothèque-Musée de l’Opéra de Paris (c. 1850, classmark Rés. 2141). They reveal the meandering course of Adam’s education and early career in Paris, prior to his European voyages undertaken for the sake of adventure; in this respect they partially justify the otherwise misleading title Souvenirs. They are supplemented by a chronological catalogue of his works.

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genreAutobiography (Memoirs)
editorM. Lévy frères
place of publicationParis
years of publication1857