César Franck

In 1906 Vincent d’Indy released his first book on music, devoted to his revered teacher who had died sixteen years earlier. This César Franck, the second volume in the series “Les Maîtres de la musique” published by Félix Alcan, appeared the same year as Palestrina by Michel Brenet (Marie Bobillier) and André Pirro’s Jean-Sébastien Bach. Franck having been studied theretofore only in minor publications (which d’Indy readily cites), the book is a landmark and would remain the most important and influential until La Véritable Histoire de César Franck (1955) by Léon Vallas, also a biographer of d’Indy,

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digitized editions
editorFélix Alcan
place of publicationParis
years of publication1906