Claude Ballif (1924-2004)

The writings of Claude Ballif (1924–2004) are particularly extensive. They include two theoretical volumes: Introduction à la métatonalité (Paris, Richard-Masse, 1956), which formed the basis for his compositional activity after the Second World War, at the beginning of his career, and Économie musicale : Souhaits entre symboles (Paris, Méridien-Klinckseick, 1979), a sort of anti-composition treatise. There is also Berlioz, in the well-known “Solfège” series of composer biographies (Éditions du Seuil, 1968), a collection of articles, Voyage de mon oreille (Union Générale d’Éditions, coll. 10–18, 1979), and two volumes of interviews: L’Habitant du labyrinthe with Alain Galliari (Pro Musica, 1996), and Claude Ballif, musicien de la révélation, with Bruno Serrou (Michel de Maule, 2004).

Claude Ballif also published more than 90 articles. These include musicological research like “L’Ars Nova et Guillaume Machaut,” written for the Encyclopédie des musiques sacrées, notices on composers, poets, and painters (such as Berlioz, Couperin, Debussy, Liszt, Mallarmé, Seurat, Varèse, Wyschnegradsky, etc.), and contributions in response to requests for lectures, interviews, program notes, or autobiographical texts. Apart from his Berlioz and the interviews with Bruno Serrou, which are still in print, most of these writings can be found in two volumes of Écrits (Hermann, 2015).

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birth year1924
death year2004
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