Elsa Barraine (1910-1999)

Having been awarded the 1929 Prix de Rome, Elsa Barraine enjoyed a certain renown in France during the interwar and immediate postwar periods. As a communist, she was active in the Resistance, co-founding and leading the Front national des musiciens (Musicians’ National Front) during the Occupation. Her fame began to wane after her departure from the Communist Party at the end of 1949, and she began to distance herself gradually from composition during the 1960s in order to focus on teaching. Most of Barraine’s public writings consist of articles to do with music, published in left-wing periodicals (L’Art musical populaire, L’Humanité), both before and after World War Two.

The repository contains about twenty articles, with likely more remaining to be discovered. Barraine also held roles at various points as music editor for certain newspapers (L’Humanité, Ce soir), and as editor-in-chief for a music periodical (L’Art musical populaire). Between 1937 and 1939, Barraine wrote regularly in left-wing newspapers. In L’Humanité, she wrote short reviews of musical scores published by the Éditions sociales internationales, a communist publishing house for which she may also have worked. In L’Art musical populaire, a leftist musical journal that served as the house organ of the Fédération musicale populaire (FMP), she wrote articles aimed at bringing music to a broad, popular readership, interested in music but with little education. These articles had the additional objective of offering ideas of potential repertoire to the popular choirs brought together under the FMP. In 1939, Barraine appears to have been the Editor-in-chief of this publication.

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birth year1910
death year1999
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