Philippe Manoury (1952)

Philippe Manoury’s writings are part of his composer’s laboratory. It is thus as a composer in action that Manoury frequently writes. In the past he compiled and published these texts on paper, but nowadays they can be found on his personal website.

He constantly updates this site, particularly the “Écrits” section, with aesthetic, technical, and analytical articles.

This site is the source of reference source for recent texts by the composer, particularly his latest works, such as Thinkspiel Kein Licht (2017), the finishing touches on Pierre Boulez's Book for Quartet (2018) or his LabOratorium (2019). But it also includes public statements on contemporary music (“Aesthetics”), considerations on electronic music, as well as the relationship between instrumental writing and real-time computer processing at the heart of his work. In the section “On composers,” Manoury draws links to composers and works of the past who inspire him through the compositional questions they raise, meeting his own questions.

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