Joaquín Nin (1879-1949)

The solo and chamber music career of Cuban composer Joaquín Nin (1879—1949) (or Joachim Nin, depending on the period of his life) on the European continent during the first third of the twentieth century was marked by the publication of several works in which the musician expounded upon his uncompromising vision of the intrinsic, unalterable, and incorruptible value of art in general and music in particular.

While living in Berlin in 1908, Nin wrote a pamphlet called Pour l'Art. In Brussels, where he settled between 1909 and 1911, he took up and supplemented the same argument in Idées et Commentaires. This second book was printed in Brussels and published by Fischbacher in Paris in 1912. Between these two works, in 1911, Nin financed the publication of a limited-edition brochure “not intended for sale” entitled Huit Années d'action musicale (1903-1911).

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birth year1879
death year1949
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