Tōru Takemitsu (1930-1996)

Takemitsu regularly wrote throughout his life: concert programs, correspondences, articles for musical and artistic reviews, autobiographical and literary texts... His writings are thus numerous. After his death in 1996, the Tokyo publishing house Shinchōsha gathered almost all of his texts in five volumes, each of which is about four hundred pages long (Chosakushū [Écrits] (2000)). The interviews, most of which are not included in Chosakushū, also represent an important part of his writings.

In the artistic whirlwind that animated the post-war city of Tōkyō, Takemitsu frequented musicians as well as artists of other fields, among them the poets Shūzō Takiguchi and Shuntarō Tanikawa or the writers Kōbō Abe and Kenzaburō Ōe. It was in this context that he understood the importance of making his voice heard.  Takemitsu has always attached a particular inmportance to writing.  The fact that he himself funded the publication of his first book,  Takemitsu Tōru←1930……∞ (1964), and the short story Kotsugetsu − arui ha a honey moon [La lune d’os ou La lune de miel]  (1973) testifies his eagerness in this line of work.

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birth year1930
death year1996
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