Deutsche Kunst und Deutsche Politik

Wagner’s long essay German Art and German Politics (Deutsche Kunst und Deutsche Politik) was published by J. J. Weber of Leipzig in 1868. It was subsequently reprinted in vol. 8 of the Gesammelte Schriften und Dichtungen (1871/1883) – the citations are given here from the authoritative edition: Richard Wagner, Sämtliche Schriften und Dichtungen (= SSD) (Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, 1914), vol. 8. The original edition came to 112 pages in fifteen chapters, of which the first twelve had previously been published in article form in the Süddeutsche Presse (partly financed by Ludwig II of Bavaria) between 24 September and 19 December 1867. Their publication had been halted at the express demand of Ludwig II, whom the editor, Julius Fröbel, had led to believe that Cosima von Bülow was the true author. The precise reasons for this interruption have not come to light, but probably have to do with the political content of the articles.

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genreEssayArticle Collection
editorJ. J. Weber
place of publicationLeipzig
years of publication1868
later adaptation