Albéniz et Granados

Albéniz et Granados by Henri Collet (1885–1951) was published in 1926 by Félix Alcan in the collection “Les Maîtres de la musique”, overseen by the music-writer and biographer Jean Chantavoine (1877–1952).

A new edition, virtually identical to the first, appeared with the same publisher in 1929. In 1948, the publishing house Plon issued another edition in the collection “Amour de la musique”, reproducing that of 1929 without modification. The author indeed explains in the preface (unpaginated) to this last edition: “We have had no need, in view of this reissuing, to modify our judgements, nor even to update the bibliography, the civil war in Spain and its aftermath having cut short much work which we would otherwise have had to take into account: in the event, this has been limited to a few articles that contribute nothing essential and whose inclusion has therefore seemed unnecessary.” The most recent edition, from 1982, by Éditions d’aujourd’hui in the collection “Les Introuvables”, is nothing more than another reprint of that of 1929. Finally, one should mention a Spanish translation by Pedro Labrousse (Buenos Aires, Tor-SRL, 1943). The success of the book—attested to by the number of republications— very likely has to do with the absence of other works in French on these two musicians, until the appearance in 1956 of a monograph on Albéniz by Gabriel Laplane (Geneva: Éditions du Milieu du Monde).

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editorFélix Alcan
place of publicationParis
years of publication1926
book reprinted
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