Lettre d'un bachelier ès-musique [I]. A un poète voyageur. Paris, janvier 1837

Liszt published fifteen articles under the title Lettres d’un bachelier ès-musique between February 1837 and September 1841, in several Parisian revues. Modelled on the Lettres d’un voyageur of George Sand (the dedicatee, incidentally, of the first two Lettres d’un bachelier), they touch on a diverse array of subjects in genres ranging from travel narrative to music criticism, by way of reflections on the place of art in society, containing numerous autobiographical passages and personal anecdotes and sweeping tableaux in an often quite lyrical tone.

The period of the letters’ composition corresponds roughly to Liszt’s “years of pilgrimage” with Marie d’Agoult in Italy, during which time the pianist finished his Album d’un voyageur (begun 1835, published 1842). Also during this period he began the pieces that would comprise the second volume of the Années de pèlerinage (published 1858), including the famous Sposalizio and Il Penseroso.

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url of online versionhttps://archive.org/details/revueetgazettemu18374pari
genreAutobiographyAutobiography (Travelogue)Letter
journalRevue et gazette musicale de Paris
published inRevue et gazette musicale de Paris - 7 - 12/02/1837
start page53
end page56
scientific publishingsFranz Liszt Sämtliche Schriften - volume 1