De la situation des artistes et de leur condition dans la société (Premier article)

De la situation des artistes, et de leur condition dans la société (On the Situation of Artists, and Their Place in Society) comprises a collection of six articles first published in the Revue et Gazette musicale de Paris between 3 May and 11 October 1835. A seventh was added under the title “Encore quelques mots sur la subalternité des musiciens” (“A Few More Words on the Subaltern Status of Musicians”) in the same journal on 15 November.

Aged 23 years, Liszt was writing his first articles for the French press. He was already famous as a piano virtuoso. A child prodigy and darling of the salons since his arrival in the French capital in 1823, he had subsequently given numerous concerts in Paris, and also in many provincial towns as well as in England and Switzerland. He nevertheless struggled to distance himself sufficiently from his performerly image to make a name as a composer: in 1825, his opera Don Sanche failed to obtain the anticipated success, and on the premiere of his Grande fantaisie symphonique for piano and orchestra ten years later his friend Berlioz was still explaining that he was considered “too capable a pianist to be a good composer” (Hector Berlioz, in the Journal des débats, 25 April 1835, reprinted in idem, Critique musicale, vol. II, pp. 127–33).

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published inGazette musicale de Paris - 18 - 03/05/1835
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scientific publishingsFranz Liszt Sämtliche Schriften - volume 1Franz Liszt. Artiste et société