André Jolivet’s writings, published by his daughter Christine, fill two volumes (of 437 and 319 pages, respectively), divided into five parts. The first, “Une vie musicale” [“A Musical Life”], occupies the entire first volume, while the second volume comprises “Modes opératoires” [“Modus operandi”], “Figures and Analyses,” “Ludwig van Beethoven,” and the Appendices. Internally, each section is organized chronologically; “Ludwig van Beethoven” is a special case, as it is a reedition of a work by Jolivet published in 1955. The nature of the writings gives rise to its own sort of typology: personal notes, articles, lectures, interviews, radio broadcasts, and reviews written for L'Actualité musicale during the Occupation. The case of the “Twelve Interviews with Goléa” [“Douze entretiens avec Goléa”], recorded between 24 and 30 April 1960 and broadcast from 27 March to 12 June 1961, requires some clarification, inasmuch as the style is much more written than an interview today. On several occasions, cuts made for broadcast are visible on the original typescripts, showing that a language that was too technical was not considered suitable for radio.

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genreCritical edition
editorDelatour France
place of publicationSampzon
years of publication2006
pages2 vol. : 419 et 319 pp.
edited byChristine Jolivet-Erlih
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