Autobiographie de Charles Gounod et articles sur la routine en matière d'art

Published in London (in French) in August 1875 by Georgina Weldon, who had hosted Gounod there between 1871 and 1874, this misleadingly-titled compilation brings together essays destined for a Brussels periodical, L’Art universel, which had published the first four in the spring of 1873. The Cosmopolitan reproduced them alternately in French and English from 28 August 1873 to 23 April 1874. The subsequent texts, unfinished, were added by Georgina Weldon to complete the collection. The claim that Gounod wrote them according to her ideas can only be partially credited. Weldon knew French well but the awkwardness of certain turns of phrase gives her away.

De la routine en matière d’art: “Routine is a chronic illness whose acute state is prejudice . . . If a being is to live, it must assimilate elements outside of it; it must decompose, absorb, eliminate . . . Reflection is the stomach of the intelligence.”

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genreArticle Collection
editorMrs Weldon
place of publicationLondres
years of publication1875
edited byGeorgina Weldon
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