Marcel Delannoy (1898-1962)

The writings of Marcel Delannoy form relatively large body of work that includes more than two hundred newspaper articles published between 1927 and 1944 and a biography of Arthur Honegger (1953). He also signed at least nine articles in various periodicals, including texts on musical life, presentations of his works, and homages to other composers. In addition to these published writings, a collection of Delannoy’s unpublished material is held in the Bibliothèque nationale de France (VM FONDS 60 DLN). In addition to an important volume of correspondence (from which only the composer’s exchanges with Charles Koechlin have been published), the composer left behind a number of personal notes and a diary, autobiographical notes, articles and lectures on composers and on musical life, presentations of his music, and justifications destined for the committees of the postwar legal purge (épuration).

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birth year1898
death year1962
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