[Correspondance Roberto Gerhard - Joachim Holms]

The correspondence between Roberto Gerhard and Joaquim Homs was one of the most sustained in Gerhard’s life. This correspondence is also some of the most illuminating in understanding Gerhard’s compositional practice and thoughts on music, as well as his reception in Catalonia while he was still in exile. The two men met in late 1930 in Barcelona. By then, Gerhard was already back from his studies with Schoenberg in Berlin and Vienna, while Homs was a twenty-four-year-old cellist, engineer and aspiring composer. Even though Gerhard never showed enthusiasm or dedication to teaching, he agreed to take Homs on as a private student. Over decades, the teacher-student relationship evolved towards one of mentorship and friendship.

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languagesespagnol; castillan
physical and bibliographical description

The letters between Roberto Gerhard and Joaquim Homs are held mostly at Cambridge University’s library. The collection contains 34 original letters from Homs to Gerhard and photocopies of a similar number of letters sent by Gerhard to Homs.