Méthode de piano (esquisse)

Renowned across Europe as an artist and pedagogue, Chopin intended to write a piano method, of which only his preliminary sketches of the beginning survive. Evidence of the project comes in the form of an allusion made by George Sand, sometime around 1840: “yet he promises to write us a method, in which he’ll discuss not only practical skills, but also theoretical principles. Will he keep his word?” (Impressions et souvenirs, Paris, 1896, p. 88). It is also worth noting that it was in November 1840 that Fétis and Moscheles published their Méthode des méthodes de piano, to which Chopin had contributed his three new études. And a letter of his own, dated 18 October 1841, mentions a figure of remuneration for the edition of a hypothetical Method, containing a similar number of plates to that of his twelve Études. At that stage, therefore, it was not meant to be a large-scale work.

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physical and bibliographical description

Dix-neuf pages d'esquisses manuscrites (verbales et musicales), conservées à la Pierpont Morgan Library de New York.



Pour l'édition scientifique, voir :
Frédéric Chopin, Esquisses pour une méthode de piano, éd. J.-J. Eigeldinger, Paris, Flammarion, 2010 (2e éd.)