Entre l'observatoire et l'atelier

Published in 1998, this volume is the first of four volumes of texts that François-Bernard Mâche has progressively assembled over a period of twenty years (with the most recent published from 2018). In this first collection, he draws together unpublished or rare texts written between 1959 and 1996. As indicated by its title, the book alternates between observations regarding the landscape of forty years’ worth of musical composition on one hand, and on the other, glimpses into Mâche’s own compositional workshop. Mâche’s initial intention was to divide his publication project into four categories of writings split across two volumes: “dialogues” (interviews), “reflections” (aesthetic opinions), “études” (musicological studies), and “chronicles” (observations). However, the second volume never saw the light of day; thus, only “dialogues” and “reflections” are presented here. Two years later, Mâche would publish another collection titled, Half a century of music… and still contemporary [Un demi-siècle de musique… et toujours contemporaine], which shares two texts in comment with Between the Observatory and the Workshop: “On John Cage”, and “The Rule of the Game”.

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genreSelf-analysisInterviewEssayNote de programmeArticle Collection
place of publicationParis
years of publication1998
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