Cent opus et leurs échos

This work represents a highly original initiative: a chronological panorama of François-Bernard Mâche’s first hundred works, viewed through the lens of their reception. (This number has since been surpassed, as Mâche has remained active as a composer.) From his Duo for violin and piano, written in December 1956, through to Promeneur solitaire, an electronic work composed in 2010, each successive entry contains basic factual information on the work in question (instrumentation; context of its composition or commission; date, place, and performers of the premiere; publisher; duration); the original program note; retrospective commentary by Mâche; and an array of reviews, positive or negative, from the time of the premiere and from subsequent performances and recordings. The choice of reviews depended only upon whether the original periodicals in which they appeared gave permission or not. To these are occasionally added commentaries of a more musicological nature.

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genreSelf-analysisNote de programme
place of publicationParis
years of publication2012
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