Musique, mythe, nature ou les dauphins d'Arion

In this self-described “essay”—which takes up ideas developed in his State Doctorate thesis titled, “L’idée de modèle en musique aujourd’hui” [The Idea of the Model in Music Today], François-Bernard Mâche proposes “some insights, which do not conform to the new orthodoxies that have taken over from classical theories, which have definitively run their course” (p. 3, first edition). In sometimes polemical terms (in the first edition, at least—the initial virulence was attenuated in subsequent editions), Mâche outlines the theoretical foundations of his musical practice. Advocating an approach that brings together diverse intellectual methods—drawing upon human and life sciences, going well beyond the purely musical—he critiques the culturalist anthropocentrism of the humanities during the 1970s and ’80s, citing the existence of cultural practices among animals and demonstrating their points of convergence with human practices. These assertions pave the way to new domains, such as zoomusicology (the title of one of his chapters), or the neurobiological study of creative processes.

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place of publicationParis
years of publication1983
book reprinted