Gerhard on Music: Selected Writings

Even though the Catalan publishing house Aymá contracted Roberto Gerhard in 1966 to publish an anthology of his writings on music, the project never came to fruition during his lifetime, and it was only in 2000 that a selection of his written works (some of them translations) was published under the editorship of academic and critic Meirion Bowen. The volume contains thirty-four pieces, ranging from Gerhard’s early articles in Mirador in 1930 to an article published in Venezuela’s Revista Shell in 1962. Some of Gerhard’s writings were not originally published, but are notes for or transcriptions of lectures he gave in the United Kingdom and the United States (where he was briefly a visiting professor at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor), or of radio broadcasts for the BBC.

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genreArticle Collection
years of publication2000
edited byMeirion Bowen