Michel Chion (1947)

Composer, journalist, essayist, short-film director, researcher, and professor, Michel Chion is also the author of over twenty-five monographs, mostly published by major French publishing houses (Fayard, Les Cahiers du Cinéma, Bordas, Puf, Buchet/Chastel, Nathan, Armand Colin, Flammarion) and sometimes with smaller specialized imprints (Metamkine on electroacoustic music, éditions de la Transparence, Plume). The author a of doctoral dissertation in contemporary literature on André Gide (1970), Chion has set himself apart from most other composers of musique concrète, electroacoustic or acousmatic music, (apart, perhaps, from his teacher  Pierre Schaeffer) through his considerable body of writings. The parallels between the composer-theorists Chion and Schaeffer and their taste for writing can be extended to François-Bernard Mâche (a former student of the École normale and a respected Hellenist, and co-founder, with Schaeffer of the GRM [Groupe de Recherches Musicales]), and, to a lesser degree, the composer François Bayle, (Schaeffer’s successor at the INA-GRM). Chion worked as an assistant to Schaeffer in his classes at the Paris Conservatory and Schaeffer referred to him as his “pupil-master” (“élève-maître”) in the preface to his Guide des Objets sonores (p. 9).

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